Tillmann Lauterbach designs for men who live a modern, fragmented lifestyle.

Paris Atelier

Based in his home atelier in Paris, a 19th century row house next to the Buttes Chaumont gardens, Tillmann works with a close-knit team of artisans. The collection includes both staples and limited edition collaborations mostly manufactured in Belgium.

The base of his collections are deceptively simple pieces with a rough elegance combining artisanal technique, the finest fabrics and free form. It includes one-of-a-kind pieces, which are specially hand-treated and aged in his atelier and limited editions in collaboration with small design ateliers all over the world.

Artisanal Approach

“My approach is very artisanal” says Tillmann. “I like making things with my hands.“

As a child, Tillmann loved to wander about the fields and roads of his native island Ibiza. He recalls putting on his first pair of shoes to start school with regret.

While he began by teaching himself how to sew, Tillmann refined his design approach in Paris where he has steadily forged close relationships with craftsmen and creative artisanal ateliers.

Elegant Rawness

Today, the nomadic spirit still flows throughout Tillmann’s work. It’s infused in the elegant rawness of his signature menswear and throughout his artwork which incorporates found objects as a natural base.

The non-uniform pieces bypass stiffness in favor of comfort. They function elegantly at a business meeting, or at a social events.

Fashion and Fine Art

As an Artist Tillmann collects unassuming objects, experiments with them and builds collages of textures, colors and shapes which he calls “bricolage elegant”.

“I think in volume, which is why I went into fashion design” says Tillmann. He is equally inspired by both clothing and art and finds one informs the other.