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ULTRA SOLID is a timeless design project. As concept and collection, it is built on the foundations of the Number 10, Sacred Geometry, and the Golden Ratio. It is a determined scientific—as opposed to simply aesthetic approach to design and production infused with the spiritual that ultimately aims to create a compelling sense of natural harmony. Design imagined as a circular process of learning, collaboration, and co creation. Uninterested in massive production. Obsessed with quality and social and environmental responsibility. Built on holistic thin- king and the common benefits of a 360 degree strategy. We stand for a conscious use of materials and circularity as our constant aim and principle for a considered and symbiotic coexistence with nature and other living beings. To this end, materials are given the utmost respect as a precious resource as they play integral roles in the natural environments that we inhabit and the artificial ones we construct. Materials are, however, more than a medium for drawings or creation. Their unique beauty, their intrinsic properties provide a timeless vibration of strength and energy that require calculated and constant efficiency of use with zero waste. ULTRA SOLID ultimately aims to develop a permanent physical oasis to preserve biodiversity and enable re-naturalization. We feel this is a critical way to experience nature in its most pristine form while comprehending and mitigating the impact of design on planet and people. Knowledge remains key to understanding and maintaining this carefully balanced natural harmony. As as purpose driven concept, ULTRA SOLID proposes to nurture a unique experiential space to collect and curate, educate and enlighten, study and share the circularity of natural harmony and related systems.


GASM, OR? is a luxury designer fashion and lifestyle brand inspired  by the core elements of house music and rave, championing a vision for a more sustainable and expressive future while integrating sustainability with luxury, catering to the unconventional.

GASM, OR? honors the pioneering glogal techno aand house fans, embodying the independence and self-exprression that characterized the early days of both genres. Drawing inspiration from underground nightlife and premium materials, all made in Europe.

The best way to define the brand was coining a new term; DESIGNER RAVE.

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