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There is a soul in everything, and each material has a character or denotes a situation. It is with this natural affinity and passion for all kinds of materials that Tillmann Lauterbach is exploring the endless possibilities of mixing various materials in his 1\1 series. These materials are ‘friends’ or encounters he has collected along his creative journey—he describes them as his “companions, shining knights, and keepers of memories and knowledge.” 


“By combining and juxtaposing different materials, I want to create pure objects embodying tensions and contrasts which reflect the aggressiveness of our times whilst being a bit ironic.”


Each work is constructed entirely with upcycled and found materials.

All works are unique in a series and signed.



Works from 1990-2000 are made in Ibiza, Spain 

Works form 2000-2015 are made in Paris, France

Works from 2015-present are made in Milan, Italy; Berlin, Germany; and Hong Kong, China

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