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The Archetype-series summarizes Tillmann Lauterbach’s passion for encoding and the RPM stone up-cycling operation in Italy. Diving deep into the understanding of the consciousness, scripts and numbers are dimension-transcending codes that often carry more information than what the untrained eye or a scholar education is able to capture. 

Numbers also represent ideas and forms. Each number has its intrinsic properties and related numbers within it. 

Available numbers are 0,1,2, and 3.

Each material form and proportion are chosen for the number 0 to 3, depending on their value and related numbers. Hence, the external form follows the logic of the number it represents and crosses the dimensions.

Encoded is the representative number of each object several times into the dimensions of the construction. In addition, the encoded number appears also as a value of several divisions of length of the piece as an additional dimension or layer.

Each piece is unique in a series and numbered.


Works from 2019-present are made in Milan, Italy and Athens Greece

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