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In Tillmann Lauterbach’s perspective, the boundary between functional and non-functional objects does not exist. The thoughtfully crafted pieces “function” while simultaneously yearning to be used and simply to exist. Their presence reminds us of the simplistic beauty of being, free from categorization or identification, unburdened by definition. Such simplicity and purity are reflected in their timeless contours and forms.

Each work is handcrafted with love, and it is kindly requested that they be treated with care.

Since 2006, all pieces have been authenticated with a collector plaque in iron, and in bronze since 2015.


Works from 1990-2000 are made in Ibiza, Spain 

Works form 2000-2015 are made in Paris, France

Works from 2015-present are made in Milan, Italy, Berlin, Germany and Hong Kong, China

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