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“We humans are born without an instruction manual specifying who we are and why we exist. I have always found this both frustrating and perplexing. As I started observing the intricate organization of numerous matters and living forms, I came to believe that the mysteries of life are beyond our dissecting gaze and pure logical analysis,” as Tillmann Lauterbach reflected on this life experience introspectively. At the age of 45, Tillmann Lauterbach is now convinced that, contrary to dominant scientific opinions, every form of matter possesses a living force within it.


Over thousands of years of recorded history, we humans have evolved away from religious beliefs toward excessive skepticism and technological worship, often forgetting the spirituality our ancestors used to cherish. Reflecting on our patchwork of historical records and the few untainted accounts of life and spirituality from the past, Tillmann Lauterbach explained, “I decided to create the Timecapsules to presever the thoughts and knowledge I have accumulated during my years here on this earth in this body I call ‘me’. My aim is to conserve the knowledge available to me and to our species.”


Therefore, he delves into areas such as physics, mathematics, geometry, socio-political science, innovation/technology, and philosophy. The modus operandi includes official summaries of canonical literature, online research, and controversial opinions on these subjects. Besides, this work encapsulates his personal thoughts and his journey towards enlightenment. 


Tillmann Lauterbach’s path is that of an artist, a seeker, an anarchist, a punk, a lover and a dreamer. Though his perspective may not represent the masses, he wants to share these ideas and information for posterity; for those who are as hungry for knowledge as he is, and who are humbled by the beauty this experience embodies; for those looking with an open heart and a modest mind.”


The Timecapsules series was already launched in 1990 and has been refined and enriched over time into a series containing 100 unique pieces, of which half of them are still in the making. The concept originated from the friendship with Hasso von Bluecher, whose genius and humor has shaped the work as a whole.


Works from 1990-present are made in Europe and China

“Beyond their material value, their immaterial significations crystallize experiences lived in different times and spaces, from the inner space of the self to the exotic space of long-distance travels. Tillmann Lauterbach’s Objects give these dimensions of life a plastic expression to let them transit into the future and to be shared with an audience.

From a more conceptual angle, these objects give testimony to the search of individual authenticity out of the automatism and the hecticness so frequently imposed by ordinary daily life.”

Luca Marchetti

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